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CUDA performance SETI@home

by eduardo8088
Published on: April 8, 2011
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This is just a simple comparison of performance on SETI@Home between two of our computers: The 4 Nvidia Tesla powered supercomputer ( and a small 2 Quad Xeon 5420 +Nvidia 8500GT.

SETI@Home is a distributed computing project looking for extra terrestrial intelligence analyzing radio signals recorded at Arecibo radio telescope, distributing that analysis in home computers over Internet. More info at:

Graph SETI@Home performance 8 cores 1 GPU







Figure 1. Credits obtained during 15 days on a dual Quad Xeon 5420 + 1 NVidia 8500GT

Graph SETI@Home performance 16 threads 4 GPU

Figure 2. Credits obtained during 15 days on a dual Xeon 5620 + 4 NVidia Tesla C1060

SETI@Home gives you credits for each processing task completed and validated. The graphs above show how much credits where assigned to each machine during a two week time frame. Between 20th Aug. and 6th Sep. SETI were having  problems with their servers and task downloading was slow, despite that, Tesla machine accumulated more than double the credits than Quad Xeon machine. After 6th Sep., both machines downloaded task normally and the difference is huge, the Tesla machine processed a lot more than the dual Quad Xeon. Unfortunately, the test where  stopped after 15 days because electricity bill due the 850W drawn by Tesla computer at almost 100%.



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